Monday, 1 November 2010


Where Billy extended into the attic by 4feet.
There was only a metal beam and not a wooden one so we had to cover it with wood then moi came up with idea to cover it with crepi.
Certainly disguises it and looks as it it has always been there.
Bought new wall lights and bedside cabinets.
New ceiling light
Spent hours with toothbrush and bleach scrubbing the tiles.
Painted cupboard doors and scrubbed the towel rail which was left behind
Have to watch our budget lol
New curtain rail
Shelf all scrubbed and crepied looks much much better.
Painted inside window frames.
Much more to do next time
Wish i was back there.


  1. ahhh it's looking so amazingly lovely! I would want to be there the whole time :-( well done - you've done SO MUCH! xx

  2. Thank you Alice
    I was nearly crying when i had to leave it


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