Monday, 1 November 2010


Bedroom wallpaper bought at home for a bargain £3 a roll,we are going to panel below and paint white
Bedside cabinet bought at le troc for 30 euros has marbled top so wood will be given the shabby chic treatment next time.
The quilt cover and pillowcases I brought from a charity shop at home a bargain £1.50
By the side of the door is where Billy  extended the bathroom in to make it bigger.
But this room really is only a single room so it did not really affect the room too much as i would rather have the extra room in bathroom.

A little chair which was left in the house which i will paint white.
We need to get the windows restored a bit as we really love them and dont want to take them out.
The outside shutters are closed in this photo which really does help protect the wood.

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  1. If you can keep the original windows that will be lovely. The shutters are a great feature. Your house is really coming along. I bet its so much more pleasant staying there and doing the work when its all looking so much nicer than when you started. I remember when I moved into my house, the first year was GRIM! Once the bathroom and kitchen were fitted even though it wasnt decorated or anything it just made the dust and upheaval easier to live with. I remember the first shower in the new bathroom.....Bliss! Love your bathroom sink X


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