Wednesday, 10 November 2010


A little bit of work has been happening in the bathroom.
All the preparation mostly but we ran out of time to get it finished due to a burst pipe.
Predictable make a list don't get it done always the way .
But anyway i will be brave and show the horrible bits then when it is finished you will see the end result sometime soon hopefully lol
Panelling put up and a new heater.
Yeah no more cold bathroom to have a shower in.                                                                       

 Cupboards need painted inside and doors made.
Great storage though even though at the minute it doesn't look good.

We have kept the old sink we will just replace the taps 
The tile on sink is the ones i have chosen to go on wall above sink.
They match the blue in the shower.

Panelling now up behind the toilet looking nice and clean.
At last a new toilet roll holder,i am easily pleased.
The baguette holder i bought for £7 in a second hand shop. 
I am going to paint it white and i bought off Ebay a dutch delft tile to replace the tile on it.

The light is only temporary I am on the lookout for a lovely old light that will hang down


  1. Do you still have the house?

    We are going to look at 2 more houses in Calvados in May, if they are still up for sale. Super excited. One is owned by a Dutch couple?

  2. Hello there
    Yes we still have the house and we bought an other one lol
    Mad or stupid still trying to work it out.
    so hard work aheadand by the sounds of it for you two.
    I hope all goes well with Calvados house hunt and look forward to hearing about it.
    I have been very lazy with my blog i must update it soon


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