Thursday, 19 February 2009


I wont be looking like this on our staircase thats for sure.

Another unfinished job from December.

We did manage to get two coats of white paint on but as it was sooo cold the paint just wasn't drying well so we had to leave that job as well.The pipe that you see in the picture is our bathroom waste pipe which would you believe comes down the landing and through the front room to the outside drain.

So sightly but in between the paint drying Billy has made a wooden cover for it which has to be fitted on and painted when the walls are all finished ,so you wont be able to see it.

I am going to get a nice big long mirror for the wall beside it to create an illusion of more space ,well that's what i hope it will do,somehow i don't think it will its s small.

Better remember to not look at it first thing in the orning or ill scare myself before i have my morning must have fix of caffeine lol.

So really a day will finish all the painting and wood put up when the weather is warmer in the summer,it actually looks worse than it is,all the doors are glossed so that's them out of the way at least.

Then it will be a good wash down of the wood and then it will be much more presentable.


  1. argh! I think I need a caffeine fix! I think I just left a comment, but I'm not sure - it all went a bit skewiffy!

    Anyway - looking good! I hope that I will be posting house pics one day :-)

  2. Don't talk to me about French pipework! I had terrible trouble with my builders. It ended with this on my kitchen wall (inside):
    ... and a super mario-like arrangement of pipes in the dependances next door, running down and along the whole length of the building to go out at at the back!

  3. I thought that was a picture of you sliding down the bannisters!!!

    It will be worth all the hardwork in the end. Bon courage. Debra x

  4. Oh! Gnomes are sinister. Its just not right, you must have therapy to stop yourself from liking them. Do it now before its too late.........Resist the urge to buy a Gnome. Theres still time, you dont own one yet.........dont go down the slippery Gnome route! My motto is dont rehome a Gnome! X

  5. Is it the Barry Manilow song Copacabana? You should have seen me with my tambourine!!! (Very sad but fun at the time) X

  6. Happy St Patricks Day! We are going to have an Irish coffee tonight..... You have to dont you? Any excuse lol!!! X


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