Saturday, 23 May 2009


We will be back in France on the 9th of July, woop woop i soooo cannot wait.
I have a long list made up and would you believe my suitcase is nearly packed already.
I am hoping to get Rebecca's room finished as we left it in such a mess last time ,she will have to sleep downstairs until it is done,and also put the final coat of paint on staircase.
Myself and Rebecca are going out in the car for a few days while billy finishes those jobs.
So watch out everyone i will be unleashed on the roads on my own ( wee bit scared but not telling billy hee hee) he will only come with us then nothing will be done in the house.
Anyways i deserve girly time with my daughter as it has been a long stretch with her at off we shall toot to poitiers for some shopping.
I hope the sun will be out so should have more to update after then.


  1. Yay!!!! So glad you've got booked!!!! And fabulous girlie drives and shopping to look forward to :-) Have fun. We are finally booked ourselves to leave next week!

  2. We'll have to meet up for a coffee!


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