Thursday, 19 February 2009

This room is the back bedroom which is the room that you can access the loft from.
This will be my daughters room when she stays ,the room Windows are very small but kind of cute ,the shutters are dark brown on both sides so until we sort out painting of outside i will just paint he inside of them white to brighten the room up when they are closed.
I so love closing the shutters in the house at night much nicer than pulling curtains.
When we were over in December Billy stripped all the wallpaper off and i must say it looked better with the wallpaper on lol.

Below is Billy hard at work and doesn't the room look filthy and I'm also ashamed to say we left it looking like this.
We ran out of time and just couldn't get anymore done.
PS Billy has asked me to point out that the grey in his hair is from all the dust. NOT HA HA.
He is much older than me ,well by ten years so I'm quite pleased to say that the dust doesn't affect me like that hee hee.
Oh i am awful aren't I.

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