Tuesday, 3 August 2010


A new shower toilet and sink in bathroom.
Bathroom made bigger by roughly about 3ft x 6ft to fit the new shower enclosure.
Bathroom electric heater put in as no central heating yet
The toilet has been moved by about a foot so no more wobbling on toilet seat lol as it was right up close to wall and not even against the back wall.
So it is now in securely
Hardboard all down on floor to tile so in september it will be rip off all the tiles on wall and decorate .

Back bedroom has been made bigger to make it a double room rather than single
It has been made bigger by 4foot into the attic space so it is like a little alcove where the bed is now
It is such a pity all the beams where metal and not wood so we had to cover them up,but at least we have more space and a nice new mirrored wardrobe from good old ikea
So again september decoration will take place in here too
The front bedroom has been madesmaller to enlarge bathroom but i dont mind as its still okay for a single room

This room also will be finished off in september

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  1. Hi Andrea, Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes, turning 40 was a shock to the system LOL! You have done loads more work on your house, it is looking great. Definately upload more pictures as you progress as its lovely to see how it is coming along. Glad your toilet is secure, that could have been abit dodgy wobbling about, but could have made for an interesting blog post LOL! X


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