Monday, 7 June 2010


A update on my visit to the house
Billy went before me to put in a new shower enclosure and a new toilet
Well how easy could it be he is used to doing jobs like this at home ,well i thought it would be easy
Apparently not
I will not use the words Billy used to me in his text about shower  unprintable
So i knew it wasent easy as Billy never uses bad words in his vocabulary unless i have really riled him lol .
Well the floor was rotten so down had to go a new floor
Shower enclosure is lovely but a beast in size to our tiny bathroom .
So guess what
He is going back in July to make the bathroom bigger which of course makes our bedroom smaller lol.
As it is our bedroom is only really a single room so he now has to make the back bedroom bigger for us.
Still following dont worry i am confused myself
But at least we will still have the loft room to convert to another bedroom so all in all it does not sound as bad as it is


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