Monday, 21 September 2009


Well i wont have any photos as Billy has no camera with him ,i took it to Liverpool with me.
But he has put the new kitchen in and he says it looks good so i am hoping it does
Tomorrow he is putting down the wooden floor and he has plasterboarded the walls
He has been told not to put the handles on the doors until i come over just incase he put them in the wrong place and then we will pick tiles for the walls and decorate the room
He has also put glass in the outside door where the bread oven is as it was all boarded up and made the room so dark ,and he said the change in the light makes such a difference
He has been busy under my strict orders and endless lists i sent him off with lol
So i am very glad i dident go as he hasent had any distractions although he really misses me there
Funny i dont miss him here (just jesting) .
So all in all it is sounding good to me


  1. YAY! looking forward to pictures. Laughing about you packing him off with endless lists ... what would men do without us!!!!

  2. Sounds like it's really coming on.

    Don't forget that coffee when you come over!



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