Sunday, 23 August 2009


Billy is going to France to finally do work in the house and guess what we are not going with him .
Oh no siree if I go he will down tools like last time and I am not having that lol
So he is going for two weeks and i have been to ikea and sorted out a new kitchen that he will get in ikea over there and fit it .
And the roof yipee he is also going to fix that and while he is away myself and Rebecca are going to Liverpool for two days before she goes back to university .
Rebecca has been accepted on to the honours degree which we are all very pleased about so even more hard work ahead for her .
Then after our wee trip i am getting stuck in to painting my kitchen ,it badly needs done .
I am feeling much better now and feel able to tackle it all i hope,thats the plan  anyway
It has rained everyday from July (wellexcept for about 4 days) the weather is awful here and we were supposed to have an idian summer.
Well where is it or should i say where was it ,i will never listen to weather reports again.
So i will update when i have more info


  1. Yay! Glad it's all swinging into action!!!!!! Have a fab time with Rebecca :-)

  2. Hi Andrea. The adventure place is called Tarz en Arbre and it is at Lac Uzurat in Limoges. It is 2 mins off of the A20 if you come of at junction 30. It cost 32 euros for 1 adult and 1 child. There is parking there and a little snack shop. If we go again we would go for longer and maybe do lower levels in the morning, take a picnic and sit by the lake and then do more in the afternoon. Well worth going to.

  3. I`m so excited for you...
    All your hard work, will soon come to an end. And you will finally be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard labour for many happy years to come!


  4. Oh you must be so happy to be getting on with the house at last. I cant wait to see some pictures of the progress. Sorry to read about your back I can sympathise with the pain, there is nothing worse. Well Done Rebecca! X

  5. The comment moderation word was 'Dashex' Sounds like a brand of laxative! LOL!

  6. Hi Vintage Kitten
    Hope you see this comment
    I will be following your blog with or without comments
    That nasty person needs to get a life
    Please Please pop by i will reply on my blog comments
    Hope you are all well in the Kitten household

  7. Hiya, Will keep popping by. Im afraid Im feeling ill, Im full of cold so Im giving Mr K a hard time Hee Hee. Hope you are all okay X


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