Saturday, 20 February 2010


Oh yes France is where i want to be at the moment cooking in my nice new kitchen which i havent even seen yet.
Well not really cooking but after all Billys hard work I have to be seen enjoying the kitchen at least as i made enough fuss about getting it lol.
Not sure when i will get over again hopefully sooner rather than later,have loads of ideas and lots of things to take over from my charity shop hunts .
Rebecca will be 21 this april so we are taking her and her friend for a long weekend to Madrid for her birthday so have to re arrange dates for France.
True saying absense makes the heart grow fonder and it will be so much more enjobale when i get there.


  1. Hello !!!!!!!

    Seems like ages since you posted! Hope you get over here soon.

    The weather is warming up a touch, but we have had a really cold winter, so I hope your house is OK!

  2. Hey about you? So glad to get your note,yes I bet you do want to be in France,unlike me...I WANT TO BE IN BANGOR!!! Thought we would make it over this year,but does not look like it at the moment...:( Next year for sure....who knows maybe we can meet!!! Talk to you soon,Chrissy

  3. Wouldn't that be lovely....fingers crossed! x0

  4. Double glazing! Not sure but I guess somewhere in Chateauroux. Perhaps Brico Depot? But there are lots of other companies there. Or you could look in the yellow pages perhaps. I don't even have new windows - never mind double glazing!


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