Tuesday, 6 January 2009


As we dident have a tv or dvd player in the house i decided to entertain myself
I opened a bottle of wine and got out the wool and knitting needles ,i had decided i was going to knit squares for a blanket for our bed.
So i casted on the stitches and left quite a long piece of wool for the sewing up of the blanket at the end ,poured myself a generous glass of wine and proceeded to knit.
Now i really don't drink that much alcohol I'm always the driver when we go out so the wine kinda went to my head a little bit.
And what had i done silly me id only gone and knitted the sewing up wool instead of the ball, so as I was quite tipsy i found it rather funny and proceeded to phone my daughter in Aberdeen and tell her all about it ,she knows i don't drink really so she did see the funny side ,you know what teenagers are like sometimes they don't see the funny side of their parents.
So after about fifteen minutes wittering on complete rubbish to her i found my partner had ripped it all out and cast all the stitches back on for me.
He is a great knitter would you believe ,he knits lovely Aran jumpers for himself i couldn't believe it when i met him and he told me he could knit.
I thought yeah yeah its probably rubbish knitting,but what a shock i got when i seen his knitting he is always correcting my mistakes in my knitting.
So at least with us both knitting squares the blanket will be finished sooner.


  1. Do you cast on with the thumb method? that alwys leaves a long tail. I use a two-needle method my Mum taught me and the left-over end is never long enough to mistake for the main yarn. (Although sometimes I deliberately leave it longer for sewing-up...)

  2. Hi, I have come via Pearlyqueens blog. I live in the Haute Vienne in between Bellac and Limoges in the Monts de Blond. My mum used to use the thumb method and did it so quick and easily. I could never get the hang of it and casted on with two needles, but Pearlyqueen has since taught me her way and it is great. I guess different ways suit different people. Mum used to knit with the yarn in her right hand and throw it over the needle, I could never do that and was always very cack handed. A friend taught me to have the yarn in my left hand and pick it off the needle, I find that so much easier.

  3. Hi Andrea, thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading more about you. Debra x

  4. Thanks for popping by my blog. Gosh you've been very busy with your little house in France.
    I'm crocheting squares for a blanket at the moment, but I don't think I'll be getting any help from the other half, he's great with wood though!!!

  5. Rome? My my arent you a globe trotter. LOL! You just got back from France and you are off again. I bet its lovely. Ive never known a man who can knit. He could start his own cottage industry and make one off pieces. I can knit one pearl one and thats about it. I cant follow a pattern, although I used to knit cardigans for my nephew when he was a baby (when I was a teenager) because my mother wrote the pattern out simply for me. I would like to learn properly. But enough about my inability to knit, I want to know more about Rome. Make sure you tell us all about it when you get back. Hope you are having a lovely time X

  6. Glad you liked my hearts. Very self-satisfied person at the moment as have just finished the ironing mountain.
    Can now enjoy the weekend without seeing it there.
    Enjoy yours.

  7. Fabulous! Aran jumpers! How fab to find a partner who can keep you nice and toasty in the colder months. I'm still on rectangles and squares myself :-) but trying to be as creative as I can be with the addition of buttons!!!!! This year I'm hoping to move onto circles ... now that could get messy if wine is involved! Thanks for stopping by my blogs and also entering the giveaway (if you win - please don't let your partner scrutinise my knitting!!!!)

  8. Hi Andrea,
    That was hilarious! Who says people need TV, Dvd's and the Internet?!! haha
    And Aran sweaters?! they must keep you so warm in the Winter!
    Big Hug!
    Donnie X

  9. Hi donnie thanks for visiting needless to say the only arran jumpers he has knit is for himself lol.
    Ill have to get him to start me one.

  10. Alice
    Im gonna show him these comments an shame him into knitting me one as he only knits for him grr


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